There have been numerous studies conducted that reveal that two amino acids found in foods, Lysine and Arginine, have an effect on the herpes virus. These studies reveal that Lysine actually inhibits herpes viral activity while Arginine acts as a stimulant.

Whenever Lysine or Arginine is discussed in regards to the herpes virus, only a few foods are mentioned. For example, foods high in Lysine are diary products and meats, and foods high in Arginine are nuts and chocolate. But, what about everything else you put in your mouth? What about onions? Strawberries? Mustard? Tacos? You could be “feeding the virus” and never even know it! Just how is someone who is affected by the virus to know which foods they are to eat? This book gives you that knowledge.

This handy reference guide lists over 1000 foods that are consumed worldwide and reveals whether they are higher in Lysine or Arginine. It includes spices, snacks and foods such as tofu, carob and seaweed. It has a large vegetarian section and includes a “fast foods” section for foods purchased and eaten “on the run.” The Introduction explains how to use the book to guide you towards combining and consuming foods that will be higher in Lysine than Arginine. 

This booklet has the information you want to know at a turn of a page!

The cover of Lysine vs Arginine, A Food Value Comparison Guide was designed for confidentiality to the reader and the book is mailed in a privacy envelope.

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